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We’re founded by therapist and coach Fiona Stimson, who after her own experiences with grief and chronic illness, empowered herself to wellness.

We offer a unique, personalised coaching experience that marries integrative and evidence based techniques grounded within a holistic and nature connected sensorial experience.

Treatment and programmes are tailored to the individual’s needs and may incorporate a unique blend of NLP, CBT in conjunction with Clinical Hypnotherapy, Somatic and Mindfulness techniques.

Here are a few ways you can get started right now


Take a self-compassion break

Self-compassion involves acting kindly towards yourself when you are having a difficult time.


Orient your Body

Using somatic movement to orient your body helps to alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress.


Nature Therapy Mindful Walk

Making some time to walk or be in nature can be relaxing and helps us to be more aware and present in the moment.

Supporting you on your journey

Cancer and chronic illness

Cancer and chronic illness coaching

Cancer coaching can support every stage of your treatment journey, helping you to accept diagnosis, manage surgery, recovery and your new future.

Grief and loss

Grief and loss coaching

Kora can work with you to navigate the feelings of loss when we lose someone we love, or when life changes in ways we don’t want or expect.

Mental health and wellness

Mental health and wellness coaching

Using a combined approach, we can work with you to manage and improve your mental, as well as physical and spiritual health.

What our clients say

Fiona Stimson

About Kora

Kora founder, Fiona, started her career as a scientist. Life changed when she had her own experiences with critical illness, both personally and whilst caring for her terminally ill mother.

This experience introduced Fiona to a life that looked very different to the one she’d had planned for herself, navigating the healthcare systems, mental health challenges and becoming a carer.

Drawing on her expertise and experiences, Fiona founded Kora to offer a bespoke coaching and therapeutic (experience) that marries integrative and evidence-based techniques, grounded within a holistic and nature connected, sensorial experience.