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Based on integrative principles of nature and science

Taking a nature led approach allows you to explore your connection to the natural world and how that may support the life you live, with reciprocity.

Kora coaching and therapy

The Kora journey

Fiona seized the chance to redefine her life, pivoting from years at the frontline of science, to support those experiencing similar, and she now shares her approach with staff, patients and clients at some of the best cancer treatment hospitals and support networks in the world.

Fiona now coaches staff at the Royal Marsden specialist cancer hospital, based in London and Sutton, is Operational Head of an NIHR Biomedical Research Centre and Head of Programme Delivery for Clinical Services. She values the person as a whole- and through her work, has been able to gain insight on clinical pathways and what the individual and those around them need from a holistic perspective.

She also volunteers as a professional coach at The Royal Surrey County Hospital, in The Fountain Centre both based in Guildford Surrey, and is part of a Health Education England (HEE) funded PhD study with Portsmouth University, to help develop nationally recognised standards and best practice for this style of therapeutic coaching.

She can also be found at Working With Cancer, a social enterprise, as an associate coach. Working With Cancer helps employers as well as employees to navigate cancer in the workplace.

The Kora story

Our name, Kora, originates from the Greek Goddess, Persephone (also known as Kore or Kora).

The stories of Hades and Persephone are associated with the coming of Spring and Winter. This is much like our philosophy, as well as the circumstances we experience as humans living alongside nature and its seasons. The story goes that Persephone (Kore) was abducted by Hades, the God of the Underworld. Her mother, Demeter, searched far and wide for her.

Infuriated and saddened by her disappearance, she decided to punish the gods, taking indefinite leave from her duties as the goddess of harvest and fertility, resulting in devastating consequences. Drought and famine made the earth barren, causing death and destruction.

Her father, Zeus tried to find a solution for her release. Hades gave Persephone the seeds of a pomegranate, which he knew would compel her to return to him. It was agreed that Persephone would spend four months of the year in the underworld and the rest on earth. She was apparently quite unhappy at first in the underworld, however, in time, she learnt to love Hades and adapt to her situation.

The coming of winter represents the descent of Persephone to the underworld and her ascent to Olympus symbolises the coming of Spring and the period of harvest. Many of our clients identify with this journey. In life we are sometimes placed in circumstances that we did not ask for or want, this is especially relevant to our health and wellbeing. Clients describe their experiences as feeling out of control, a discomfort or levels of uncertainty that they don’t understand or know how to deal with. Much like Persephone, initially this can be hard and frightening and we can start to notice that with time, comes hope and renewal.

With Persephone, this is the hope of the renewal of Spring & with Kora, no matter what your circumstances, the analogy of the seasons provides us with opportunities for change, learning and growth.

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