We support you through every stage of your health and life journey

We work alongside conventional care pathways, as part of your ‘team’, supporting the whole human, not just your physical needs.

Our integrated coaching and therapeutic approach incorporates evidence-based approaches with a holistic and person centred focus, tailored to your needs to aid your healing and focus, during and beyond challenging situations.

Cancer and chronic illness

Cancer and chronic illness coaching - Fiona Stimson smiling at camera

Our founder Fiona is a specialist in coaching people with cancer and chronic illness, helping them to develop a greater understanding and awareness of themselves that go hand in hand with tools, techniques and new strategies that support them in their situation.

As a direct result of this experience, coaching aligns with the diagnostic, treatment, living with and beyond, patient pathway.

This then informs the journey you go on with us, encompassing you as a human, not ‘just’ the patient, partner or carer.

Her experience in this field is vast, including:

Mental health and wellness

Mental health and its relationship with our physical and spiritual being, is a hugely important part of the overall wellness picture. The mind/body connection is one of the key influences on our overall health.

You may be experiencing isolated mental health concerns, or challenges as a result of change or illness.

If others can’t see symptoms, or you simply don’t know how to deal with what’s going on for you, it’s tempting to hide or ignore it and ‘just keep going’, or you may start to isolate yourself from those around you.

Eventually though, pain or ill health in our bodies forces us to pay attention to our internal suffering, no matter how unpleasant or inconvenient.

Our goal is to support people to be mentally well before it turns into a serious physical ailment.

To this end, our work also aims to help you manage conditions and disorders like:

Using a combined approach, which you can explore in our what we do page we can work with you to manage and improve your mental, as well as physical and spiritual health.

Grief and loss

Grief can affect us all in so many ways throughout our life. Not just when we lose someone we love, but also when life changes in ways we don’t want or expect.

Kora can work with you, helping you to navigate through these experiences of loss and significant life events, enabling you to gently grow around your grief, supporting your pathway to acceptance that life will be or is different and that’s ok in whatever way is right for you.

Grief coaching and therapy - Fiona in meadow with flowers