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Are you your own worst critic?

When life is tough, or doesn’t live up to our own expectations it’s easy to let your inner critic take over. But losses and mistakes are part of life.

Our ‘Self-Compassion Break’ exercise teaches you how to accept your shortcomings and explores ways to comfort yourself instead.

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Learn to treat yourself with the kindness you deserve

Having compassion for yourself means that you honour and accept your humanness.”

If you’re judging yourself harshly and berate yourself for you perceived shortcomings, it’s time to show yourself some comfort and care.

Our 'Self-Compassion Break' exercise will help you:

  • Be kind and understanding in the face of life’s disappointments
  • Accept that mistakes and losses are part of our shared human experience. As you become open to this reality, you’ll be able to feel compassion for yourself and for others
  • With regular practice it will be easier to experience self-kindness when you need it most

Ready to learn how to quieten your inner critic?

Stop dwelling on your mistakes. Give yourself the gift of self-compassion instead. Enter your details below to get your ‘Self-Compassion Break’:

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