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We're featured in Premier in Magazine

Our founder, Fiona, was recently interviewed for the summer issue of Surrey, Berkshire and London’s leading luxury publication – out now!

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Premier Magazine, Surrey, Berkshire & London - Kora Coaching & Therapy
Fiona Stimson - Kora Coaching and Therapy

Fiona was given the opportunity to share with the readers of Surrey’s Premier Magazine the benefits of therapeutic coaching.

Across a double page spread in the summer issue, out now, she speaks about the role coaching has to play in helping you optimise your wellbeing, build resilience and become more aware of your emotions. She also talks about what a typical session might look like and how it can help you to be more present and conscious in your life.

Fiona explains what coaching is in the health and wellness context and what motivated her to specialise in coaching women with cancer and chronic illness. She goes on to talk about the common barriers that prevent people from living their best lives.  

We know that it’s sometimes not easy to make good choices in difficult circumstances. Your flight, fright and freeze system automatically takes over. So if you’re not aware of how to help support yourself in these moments, your nervous system can trigger the same reactions over and over again.

The benefits of nature & self-care

As Fiona explains in the article, connection with nature and choosing to nurture yourself with self-care habits that truly support you in meeting life’s challenges, will help foster good health and you will start to feel the benefits quite quickly.

Rediscover yourself at our retreat

It was also a chance for Fiona to talk about The Reimagined Life Retreat – the bespoke experience she’s created to guide women through the emotional recovery from cancer.

If you have completed your primary cancer treatment and feel like you could benefit from our specially curated experience in a natural haven for relaxation, reconnection and emotional healing, find out more on our Retreat page.

Read the article – you’ll find Fiona on page 64


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