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How our coaching practice works

Mugs on table - therapeutic coaching

We’ll design a therapeutic coaching protocol for you, based on integrative principles of nature and science to help you explore the challenges you face, in a positive, calm, and supportive way.

If you’re currently in treatment, our plan will work alongside your treatment pathway, to ensure you get the support you need not just as a patient, but as a human being with emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

We’ll work with you to explore your feelings, understand your options and decide your route, leaving you empowered to take action.

Rediscovering your true nature

Nature led coaching - Flowers in basket

One of our fundamental coaching principles is the importance of being guided by nature.

We incorporate nature in many ways as part of your sessions. From a ‘bringing the outdoors in’ feel to our purpose-built practice, to using nature references in your programme, exploring ‘nature creativity’ and carrying out mindful activities in and outdoors, the natural world informs much of what we do.

This is both a holistic and science led choice. There’s huge evidence demonstrating the restorative, grounding and healing benefits of reconnection to nature; and in doing so reconnecting with yourself.

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