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Five step guide to emotional healing after cancer

Navigating life after cancer is tough. Recognising when you need support can be tough. Knowing what kind of support would be most helpful, is even harder.

We’ve created this guide to help  you on your path to healing and self-discovery.

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Who we are

I’m Fiona Stimson, an award-winning Health Empowerment Coach and Integrative Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I’m the heart and soul behind Kora Coaching & Therapy and have dedicated the past 14 years to supporting cancer patients, caregivers, and families on their emotional recovery journey.

Navigating the twists and turns of your cancer journey has undoubtedly been a profound experience.

I see you. I hear you

Research by the charity, Maggies, shows 3 in 5 people find the mental health challenges of cancer harder to cope with than the physical struggles? *

69% – over two thirds, of people with cancer said low mood, sleeplessness and feelings of overwhelm, distress, loneliness and isolation were the hardest things to deal with throughout their diagnosis and treatment.

82% of people said the fear of cancer returning, not feeling like your ‘old self’, depression or low mood, and pressure to ‘get back to normal’ were some of the hardest things to deal with post their cancer treatment.

Working with wonderful women like you has enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the complexity of navigating life after cancer. Over the years I’ve developed our unique Kora methodology, using effective tools and strategies to help you recover your sense of self and live a life you love.

It starts here, with this guide.

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five step guide to emotional healing after canceR

Your Five Step Guide to Emotional Healing After Cancer

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